Womans Artistic Gymnastic (WAG) provides a safe loving environment where athletes learn mental toughness, proper nutrition, recovery techniques, physical, mental, emotional strength, and flexibility through the sport of gymnastics. The Women’s Development Program was created with the belief that all athletes must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. Athletes train based on skill level, between 2 and 24 hours per week. include bars, beams, vault, and floor.

Elite Training

The Elite Training Program includes the TOP, HOPES, and Elite programs. All are designed to provide competitive experiences for athletes aspiring to be on the National Team. These three programs have very specific expectations and milestones and require tremendous commitment..

Competitive Gymnastics Levels


Elite (high Profromace):
For gymnasts who aspire to compete at the world and Olympic level, National and International meets. This represents a small percentage of competitive gymnasts.

Level 2-5:
For JO Compulsory Invitational Gymnasts.

Level 3-5:
For JO Compulsory Team Gymnasts.

Level 6-7:
For Optional Gymnasts.

Level 8-10:
For Optional Gymnasts competing at the highest State, Regional and National level.