Once a week for 1 hour per session. The classes are designed to help each child develop all the fundamental movement skills as well as specific skills related to Bars, Beam, Vault ant Floor work. Each child is encouraged to progress through the skills and drills at their own pace. Children will work their way through levels. Each level takes about 1 year to master but individual children may take longer or shorter depending on their ability as well as the amount of time they practice! When they have mastered all the skills, they are ready to move up to the next level. A teacher will inform you when your child is ready to move up and do a Grading. Children are graded on our Grading Award System enabling them to “pass” into the next level. In addition to the FUNDAMENTAL gymnastics’ skills, children also improve their flexibility, strength, speed, agility and fitness and they learn basic parkour as well as movement to music. Rope skipping is included as a skill development and fitness component.